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March 5, 2007

EU Plans to Renew Aid Once International Terms Have Been Met

Filed under: Uncategorized — pacificstdnt @ 7:19 pm ( is reporting the European Union will renew aid to Palestine once it meets international demands to recognize Israel as a state, denounce violence, and agree to past peace agreements.  This replaces the program called Temporary International Mechanism, which bypasses Hamas, with a new program called International Mechanism, which will deal directly with the Palestinian government.  Furthermore, France is urging the international community, especially the EU, to support the Palestinian efforts of a coalition government.

This new development is best explained by liberalism.  Liberalism says that international cooperation is the best way to achieve goals on the international stage.  This is currently taking place.  In return for meeting the demands set forth by the international community, Palestine will receive aid, economic and humanitarian, from the EU.  In addition, the EU will recognize the new Palestinian coalition so that it could have legitimacy on the international stage.

A Marxist, however, would argue that the capitalist, wealthier states are setting the terms for Palestine and that Palestine must do what the capitalist states want in order to achieve their goals (like aid and recognition).


France backs Palestinian unity cabinet

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According to Reuters, (;_ylt=Ao936h1rM9v3COQTL3qqXMBg.3QA. ) France said that it would be “disposed to cooperate” with the unity coalition government in Palestine.  Furthermore, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy would plead with the EU and the international community to cooperate with the coalition government.  However, France did not say that it would end the blockade of Palestine.


One theory that I haven’t talked about is the dependency theory.  Dependency theorists would say that the U.S. and the West is able to control Palestine and make Palestine do what it wants by holding back financial aid and trade to Palestine.  Palestine is a poor country and most of it GDP comes from foreign aid.  The sanctions has caused huge economic hardship on Palestinian territories.


Occupied Gaza looks like Apartheid

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According to the Guardian (,,329724838-103552,00.html) a UN investigator (John Dugard) said the Israel’s occupation of Gaza looks like South Africa’s apartheid.  The investigator goes on further to say that “there must be serious consideration” over bringing the issue to the International Court of Justice.

Dugard said that Israel’s policy in Gaza, “is to establish and maintain domination by one racial group (the Jews) over another racial group (the Palestinians) and systematically oppressing them?”

 I doubt Israel and the western world will take these claims seriously.  If the issue would ever go to the ICJ, I doubt Israel would agree to take part in it.  I am almost certain that the United States would denounce any decision that would make its ally, Israel, look bad.

 Again this supports a realist argument.  Even if the issue did go the ICJ, Israel would never allow the court to rule on the matter.  At most the ICJ could give an advisory opinion.

Rice Fails in Mid East Talks

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The Guardian (,,329721117-103552,00.html ), the Middle East Peace talks ended on February 20 with little results.  The peace talks only lasted for two hours and did nothing to advance peace negotiations. 

The Israelis say that there can never be progress in peace negotiations if
Palestine does not renounce violence, agree to previous peace agreements, and recognize

Palestine says that the coalition government is the only way to end civil strife in

I think, again, that the realists argument works best here in this situation.  The realist would say that “cooperation” could not work in an anarchic system where states have their own selfish interests.  The failed peace talks are proof of that.  Each state would not budge on their own interests and, thus, the peace talks ended with little gained.

Hope for Peace in the Middle East Declining

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According to the Guardian (,,329720059-103552,00.html),
Israel and the
United States refuse to recognize the new Palestinian coalition government.  The Guardian reports that this will leave a slim chance that the peace talks that will take place on February 19. 


When the peace talks were announced, it was hailed as the biggest advancement in the peace talks in six years.  However, this new development will most likely produce a roadblock in the peace talks. 


U.S. and
Israel will not recognize the new coalition government because the new coalition government must recognize
Israel, denounce violence, and agree to past peace agreements.


I think a realist will have a field day with this new development.  A realist would say that those states that have power get to control what happens on the international stage.  Right away the
U.S. said that it would not recognize the new government and, thus, stop aid to
Palestine.  The
U.S. also is forcing
Palestine to accept
U.S.’s terms to be considered a legitimate government.

February 9, 2007

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